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the code.


So, you’re probably looking around and wondering what all these apparent ‘code-like’ titles mean.

Well, I love symbolism, and in keeping with the ‘fairytale’ feel of the blog, I wanted to have a bit of fun.

So if you’re a wee bit confused, you can come here and I’ll debrief you.


prologue: the beginning of everything. well, before the beginning, really. a sort of welcome mat to get you started.

the enchanted rose: yes, inspired by beauty and the beast. belle is a kindred spirit, the disney princess most like me. she’s a good friend. but also, the rose theme seemed to fit, so i’ve made good use of it. thorns and beauty, simplicity and elegance, surrounded by enchantment. or, rather, it is enchanted. and only One knows how to break the spell.

the library: what is the use of having a castle (or cottage) if you can’t dedicate an entire wing to books, poetry, literature, and music? with a cozy chair by the warm, ever-lit fireplace, perfect for musing or (day)dreaming, or sharing discussions with good friends.

the sketchbook: well, this i would think rather self-explanatory.

the castle rooms: if you can’t understand this one, i won’t even bother.

rose petals: a rose is somewhat defined by its petals; as the enchanted rose, rose petals are things that are part of my make-up, things i love, things that are important to me, my favorite things.

color of a rose: this one only half-way makes sense in my own mind, so if you don’t understand it either, you’re in good company.

once upon a dream: in keeping with the fairytale and time themes.

tale as old as time: ditto.

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