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Way Back in the Day…

February 7, 2010

(It’s not the greatest quality picture ‘cuz it’s from a newspaper!)

Who are these guys you may ask?

Well, they just so happen to be my grandpa’s band.

That’s right! My Grandpa Cal (my mom’s dad) was in a band called The Gospel Express back in the late 60’s-early 70’s, when they were all in college (that’s also when/where he met my grandma, married, and had my mom.) After college, the group disbanded.


thanks to Facebook, 6 of the 7 original members were able to reconnect last Fall! The result was my grandparents taking a week-long trip back out to California, to sing and play together again, about 40 years later!

Tonight, my grandparents came over, and they shared the special memories they had made.

I know that trip was an incredible opportunity for them, a very special gift from God.

They brought us back a CD, pictures, a T-shirt, and the CUTEST coffee magnets ever! (pictures later), and my mom and I have been listening to it all evening.


Can I just say, I am so proud of my grandpa!

He has walked a rather rough road at times, but he continues to follow the Lord. He is one of my heroes. And you know… I didn’t really realize that before now!

But he is. He’s an inspiration to me.

If you’d like to see a bit more about their group, (they also hope to be able to get together a few more times) check this link to their Facebook Group Page.

Here are some great pictures…


(Grandpa Cal is 2nd from the right; fair hair, striped shirt.)

Now, 40 years later.

(Same guys, same place, same order, missing 1.)

And this one I just discovered of me and my grandpa from last Christmas (as in, ’08):

We were playing a duet, 'Heart and Soul'.


Now, both my grandpa and I will be taking trips of a new and different sort… He, to Argentina for a little over a week (leaving tomorrow and returning next Monday), and I, to Belize for a week (leaving Friday and returning the following same.)

And we’re both hoping that my aunt doesn’t have her baby while we’re gone!

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  1. ForeverFan permalink
    February 7, 2010 9:14 am

    Wow! 🙂 What very special and neat memories! 🙂

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