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A Blustery Day and Meandering Thoughts

January 28, 2010

…well, yesterday was, anyways.

I hope you all had a Happy Windsday! 😉

(disclaimer: this is sort of a catch-up post, so things may be slap-dash. apology in advance.)

I worked today, and went to Wednesday night Cross-Training. We’ve been studying the life and character of Paul; it’s been incredibly eye-opening! It’s interesting… so often, I think of people in the Bible as rather one-dimensional. I don’t tend to think of them as PEOPLE, who had stories and dreams, families, hardships, joys, personalities! I guess it’s hard because the Bible isn’t written like a novel, with feelings and thoughts spelled out. Rather, it gives us clues (that we may not even recognize as such!) to try to fit together, like a puzzle. I’m starting to like Paul better as I get to know, through Scripture, a glimpse of the man he was, and the amazing work God did in his life.


So, I should probably let you all know: I will be gone for a week in February, from the 12th-19th. I’m going on a mission trip to Punta Gorda, Belize with my Church. I’m so excited! I feel… well, apprehensive isn’t the right word. Neither is anxious or nervous. But you know that fluttery sort of feeling that comes with the anticipation of something new? I’m not scared, for which I’m both surprised but thankful. I’m actually looking forward to it as a great adventure! (<- which truly shows how far God has brought me! 🙂 )

A few things I’d like to share with you (as well as ask prayer for):

  • One of the most important prayer requests is for a precious woman named Roxanne, who lives in Belize. She is the daughter of Pastor Pop and his wife Veronica, Belizeans who have a church with which we are partnered and will be ministering with. Roxanne has a congenital heart disease, and has had two surgeries to try to correct this. She was in the process of going for a third (that hopefully would have been final) surgery, but was prevented because she discovered she was pregnant. Now, she is nearing the time for delivery, but because of her condition, it would be extremely dangerous to have a natural birth. She is going to have a C-section, but she has to have another scan of some sort (prayerfully this Friday!) and then they will most likely deliver the baby in 3 weeks. So just, if you would, pray for her, for the baby, for the family, that God would preserve her life and the life of her child, and give the family peace and comfort and provision.
  • This is a very exciting part: that Saturday the 13th, we actually get to be on the OTHER end of Operation Christmas Child!! 😀 It’s going to be so exciting to actually BE the ones handing boxes to the kids.
  • We’ll be doing a lot of construction work for them, as well as home-visits with the women and a tea-party for all the ladies (with an emphasis on purity, something that Belize as a culture does not have much of). We teens will be holding a VBS for the kids in the afternoons.
  • One of the construction-related activities we’ll be doing is building a new playground for the children! Belize is, like most Central-American countries, very poor. The children down there have nothing but an old slide that is completely rusted through! (with so many holes; and the kids play on it anyway! 😦 ) So we’re excited to be able to give them somewhere safe to play and have fun.


You know, I’ve always been the person that, I say I love kids, but really really… I just don’t know how to act around them. So I’ve avoided them. I have always felt awkward, and I never know what to say, or how to say it. I don’t know how to just play with toys. I don’t know how to really carry on a conversation with anyone more than 3 years younger than myself. (and even that’s a stretch!) I mean seriously… I can even baby-talk to a dog (of course, not when others are around 😉 ), but I can’t to a child. What’s up with that?

So, it’s really kind of amazing that God has been working in my heart and started slowly, ever so slowly, but surely, to grow in me a Compassion and Patience and Love for the little ones. I know that even a month or two ago, I would have freaked out at the thought of having to do a VBS with and babysit *gasp* children! But now, I’m starting to be okay with that. And even, sort of, maybe, getting a little excited to make a difference in their lives, to show them Jesus’ love.

I’m pretty excited to see what God’s going to do this year.


Lots of new things coming up this year. BIG things. For me, my family, and hopefully this blog as well.

The aforesaid trip to Belize in 3 weeks. My 18th birthday coming up at the end of April. My sister’s sweet 16 the week before. I graduate in May. A hopeful 3-day trip down to Destin, Florida sometime in the middle of Summer. And both my mom and I start college in the Fall.



Well, I was planning to write a wee bit more, specifically about the blog and the writers’ group (no, it actually isn’t dead, amazingly enough! haha) but I’m running out of time for tonight. So expect that tomorrow. I promise.

But before I go, (yeesh, I’m sounding like a news reporter or something! Speaking of which, did anyone watch the President’s State of the Union speech? What are your thoughts?) I want to share two really good articles I found today. I’d really needed to read what they had to say; when I was reading each one, I was like… umm…. yeah, that’s me… guilty.

It’s Good to Be Bored by Meredith Whitmore

Buzzards on the Brain by Tim Sweetman


Well, that’s all for tonight. See you tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!

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  1. Krys permalink
    January 28, 2010 2:20 pm

    Oooh, the missions trip sounds like such a great opportunity- I will definitely be praying for you and everyone going!! And for the lady who has the heart illness- that sounds like such a sad case! 😦

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