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The Desperate Cry of a Writer for Help (with a dash of procrastination….)

November 1, 2009

nano_09_red_support_100x100_1Today there will be no pictures because I have spent too much time procrastinating as it already is. Funny, because in all other ways, I’d say today has been a most productive day.

Just a note, because of my current mood, I have many different thoughts swirling around my head, colliding and demanding to be made known, however unimportant some of them may be. As a result, today’s blog post will be in a sort of list form.

1. I’m so thankful for writing. It allows all thoughts to be brought to a place of peace and quiet, having been made known, having a record so they’re not forgotten, and leaving my poor little brain some room to contemplate them quietly and from a distance. It does wonders for the perspective.

2. Today I feel like being witty. Well… witty isn’t the right word. Perhaps snarky. No, that’s not it either. But whatever it is, I’m trying (feebly) to be it, and terribly not succeeding. At least I can find myself amusing.

3. Perhaps the word would be obnoxious. I don’t know yet.

4. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Or at least tell me how your story is supposed to work out! My story for NaNo is a MAJOR reworking of the old fairytale Rapunzel because I believe it deserves to be redeemed from its callous, cruel, shallow state. I’ve always had issues with that fairytale. I mean, seriously…. well, I’ll save the bullet-list of questionable points for its own post (and perhaps someone might care to offer advice at such point?)

5. Everyone says that it’s the middle of NaNo that’s the hard part. I quite disagree. I’ve always had a hard time starting anything, and unforunately this time is no exception.

6. Stupid dryer beeped. Will return after folding and putting away the hideous mound of laundry…

7. Back.

8. I love: MyWritingNook, GoogleDocs, Verdana font, Mozilla Firefox tabs-ability, and the ability to make playlists on YouTube. Oh, and OST’s and NarniaWeb.

9. Oh yeah! How do you like the new design? 😀 I’ve also completely redone the prologue page… re-doings of all other pages and the sidebar will come later, because I really need to get to work on the story.

10. I really should go.

11. You know a great quote I found a while back that I want to share?

A writer is someone for whom writing is harder than it is for other people.” -Thomas Mann

12. At some point during NaNo I will post some great writer’s advice/stuff that I’ve found, including an advice ‘poster’ and tips from C.S. Lewis.

13. Even if you’re not doing NaNo, but are a writer… I would dearly love and appreciate any encouragement, prayers, and advice!!

14. Even if you’re not a writer!

15. At some point too I’ll try to get a picture and introduce you to my new Buddy, Clarence! Try to guess what he is. 🙂

16. So…. Rapunzel. I already know a few things, but not enough to get the whole idea of the story yet. It’s still floating in a hazy mist through and round my head; I’m trying to get it into a solid shape. I think that’s why it’s so hard to start writing it… I know some bits, but the bits I still need to know is what will affect the beginning!! Grr!! It’s going to have an allegorical twist.

17. I’m really going to go now. No, seriously.

Comments (and prayers!) would be very much appreciated in helping me to focus straight and remember that it is NOT the end of the world like my mind would like to make it out to be. 😉


P.S. Happy November 1st, everyone! I will leave now…

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  1. November 2, 2009 3:36 pm

    Er, well, I can’t do much for advice and what not, but I will say that I’m praying for you!! It can be so hard figuring out it and stuff… Sorry I can’t be more help! >_> Just keep plugging away at it- or something NaNoish related and I think eventually it should help…maybe write down what you *have* figured out and then fill in the blanks later in November? It might encourage you to see the word count rising even by just writing what you do know, and you can always revise later on. 🙂 And who knows- you might find things becoming clearer by writing down the ideas that are the more solid of them….


  2. November 4, 2009 12:13 pm

    Hey, that’s funny! I switched from MistyLook to Connections and you switched from Connections to MistyLook! It looks great with your blog.
    Don’t feel too badly; I’m also having a hard time starting. This might just be the end of the world because my inner perfectionist (also my dominant side) is killing me.

  3. November 5, 2009 1:46 am

    Hello Riley!

    Thank you sooo much for stopping by my blog! I really get excited about new readers – making new blogging friends. *smiles*

    NaNaWriMo!!! My older sister has been a faithful NaNaWriMoer for years. 😀 I hope yours goes fantastic!

    And yes, I believe you would like Project 365. =) It’s a goal to take a photo everyday of the year. Hop around on flickr for a better taste – here’s someones for starters:
    It’s really fun, motivating and a great way to record your year.

    Anyways, I am now going to go settle down and read YOUR blog. 😀

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