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Books and Nooks

September 18, 2009
oldlibraryPhoto by Erik

Well, I’ve hinted at upcoming additions to Red Said Paisley… one of them is almost ready! It’s a rather big addition, being not just another ‘room’, but also bringing other sorts of goodies and posts with it. 🙂 It is . . .

a library!

Of course; the Belle in me just could not have a castle without a library. 😀 So, in my library, I’m planning to ‘stock the shelves’ with books I’m currently reading, a list of book reviews that I’ll write as I finish reading, possibly even biographies of favorite authors, and more! And, the same may extend to music and movies that I find worthy enough to be included in my library. 🙂 So, that and more is coming! (that’s the biggie though, the rest of the additions are rather small…)

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend! I have to be at work at 6 AM tomorrow morning (:-/) so my weekend won’t start until I get off at 3. 🙂 And as such, I’m going to bed now.

God bless!


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