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Star Bright, Faerie Light

July 23, 2009
starsinyoureyesPhoto by KatieOak

A faerie came to my window last night. It beckoned me to follow as the breeze blew the curtains round. I left my covers and stepped out into the grassy dew. It touched my hand and the world grew large. But the faerie grew small. She smiled at my bewilderment and took hold of my hand, blew dust on me with the other, and up we went into the night sky air. Her wings tinkled with bells as we flew up towards the stars.

As we flew closer, more and more faerie bells joined us. My sunny yellow nightgown shone when we reached the clear star-beds. One old star had a long grey beard and twinkly eyes that shone kindly through his bushy eyebrows when he saw me with my faerie-guide. The young stars teased us into a game of chase. Lights flashed and zipped and flew as stars and faeries played merrily in the face of the night. We laughed and ran till the moon came by and tucked the star-lings in their soft bed of clouds. Then the faeries too each went to their resting place.

My faerie friend led me home and set me safe inside. She returned me to my normal size, winked, and waved good bye. I waved too, till she was out of sight. I smiled. No word had been spoken. The stillness weaved a magic round as I gazed up to the stars. “Good night, dear stars,” I whispered, as I crawled into my bed. Sweet dreams would be my company until the morning light.

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