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Sparklers and Moving Picture Magic

July 4, 2009



A magic moment for making wishes with hopeful crossed fingers and eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Or. . . a time for reflection on the many blessings God has given. I don’t need to make any wishes. I have everything a girl could want.

A beautiful day filled with family and food and laughter. Silliness and games and blisters. A conversation with my bosom friend. Fireworks, chocolate, moving picture magic, and sparklers.

(and of course, tango-dancing with Auntie to Ratatouille music in the kitchen.)

The fireworks were lovely. My favorites are the ‘floating fairylights’ and the ‘pixiedust willow trees’. πŸ™‚ And the walk home was inspiring. Even in July, it was a breezy, cool night. All the crowds of people walked home together, well-wishing, and to top it off, someone carrying a cd-player shared ‘God Bless the USA’ (by Lee Greenwood) with us as everyone walked home in silence and happiness. It was moment that was hard to describe. All I can think of to describe it was a ‘moving picture’ moment… a moment that feels like you’re in a movie, with a soundtrack that everyone else can hear. It lasted for just a few minutes, but it was peaceful.

Well, tomorrow we’re off on another adventure, but soon after, I’ll share the pictures and happenings from our day, as well as another post on my Panama trip!

Thanks for reading. . . and if you wouldn’t mind, I would really appreciate comments from those who chance to stop by – the castle feels rather empty without conversation from visitors! πŸ™‚

~Riley Tea

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